United Way of Northwest Florida Launches a New Website

Panama City, Florida - 23 May 2023 -  United Way of Northwest Florida recently launched a new website that provides a one-stop shop for all United Way needs. This website is designed to make it easier for the residents of Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, and Washington counties to access the programs and resources provided by the United Way.

According to Gina Littleton, President of United Way of Northwest Florida, "This website is an important tool to connect people to our mission: to improve the quality of life in our community." The new website offers a user-friendly platform that allows visitors to learn about the United Way's work, make donations, volunteer their time, and access important information about the organization's programs and resources.

As a community-based organization, United Way of Northwest Florida understands the importance of collaboration and partnership. The new website aims to promote these values by highlighting the many ways in which the organization works with local businesses, non-profits, and community members to create impact and effect change.

Overall, the launch of this new website marks a significant milestone for United Way of Northwest Florida and reflects the organization's ongoing commitment to improving the lives of people in the region. As Littleton puts it, "Our new website is an important step towards creating a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive."