Agency Certification

How to Become an Affiliated Agency

FSAAgencies that want to affiliate with United Way of Northwest Florida (UWNWFL) must have a demonstrated record of providing consistent, well-defined, direct, and cost-effective human service programs to people in Northwest Florida for at least one year prior to applying and meet all criteria contained in the Affiliated Agency Application. Agencies whose purpose is not charitable or social service-oriented are not eligible for admission, i.e., international services agencies, hospitals, churches and other exclusively religious institutions, church or private schools and educational institutions and foundations, arts and cultural groups, environmental organizations, fraternal organizations, service clubs, legal defense funds, and political organizations.  This listing is not all-inclusive, and the UWNWFL Board of Directors will make final decisions on questions of eligibility.

If you are interested in pursuing affiliation, please complete the following documents and then click the apply here button below.

Affiliated Agency Application and Attachments

Agency Prequalification Checklist

Affiliated Agency Application – Fillable PDF File

Expense and Revenue Worksheet – Fillable PDF File

Attachment 9 – Anti-Terrorism Compliance Measures Form – Fillable PDF File