Agency Certification Application


Agency Certification is an annual process that opens in the fall of each year and allows nonprofit organizations in Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, and Washington counties to join a passionate network committed to improving our community.

Agencies must re-apply for Certification each year.


All organizations must re-apply each year regardless of past certification status. Certification is not guaranteed. 

Agencies approved for certification will be notified in the beginning of each year.

Becoming a Certified Partner Agency does not require your organization to submit a Community Investment grant application.

If your organization does submit a Community Investment grant application, funding is not guaranteed.

Certified partners are eligible to apply for funding from UWNWFL.

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  • Part 2 - Program Information
  • Part 3 - Uploads & Submission
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PART I - Agency Information

Agency Information
Agency's Address
Mailing Address (if different)
Primary Contact Information
CEO Contact Information
Fundraising and Administration
The percent of fundraising and administration must be completed from the information on the IRS Form 990 by adding the amount spent on "management and general" (Part IX, Column C, Line 25) to the "amount spent on fundraising" (Part IX, Column D, Line 25) and dividing the result by "total revenue" (Part 1, line 12).
Please only enter numbers - NO $ or commas.

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