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United Way of Northwest Florida
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Employee Campaign Coordinator Checklist
  • Please complete campaign by November 10.
  • Make sure all payroll pledge forms are signed.  
  • Give the top (white) copy of each pledge form to your Payroll Department, the middle (yellow) copy to United Way, and the bottom (pink) copy to the donor.
  • Make sure a “total gift” amount is listed on each pledge form.
  • Please complete and enclose our Giving Summary spreadsheet and include with pledge forms.
  • Do not staple cash or checks to pledge forms.
  • If you held a special event that involved coins, please convert the coins to either a check or currency.
  • For leadership givers ($1,000 or more), please complete the Red Feather box on the pledge form.
  • Don’t forget the Corporate Donation card!
  • Please completely fill out the campaign envelope.

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